Sihan Sascha Schreiner

New Block

12times World Champion

5times Vice World Champion

6times World Class Black Belt Champion

4times Vice World Class Black Belt Champion

2times Vice European Champion

5times World Games Winner

3time Silver World Games

5time Bronze World Games

7times Hall of Fame

6time Grand Champion

and more...

Kelly Greenwood, Saskatoon SK, Canada

2015 WOMAA World Title Belt
2015 WOMAA Gold
2013 WOMAA Gold
2012 WOMAA Gold
2010 WMAGC Gold

I first meet Sascha in 2010. Sascha's positive energy and friendly character naturally draws people to him. Sascha has a tremendous amount of Martial Arts knowledge from striking to ground work and everything in between. Sascha's ability to coach/instruct students at various levels is nothing short of amazing! Sascha was able on short notice to be my corner coach for the World Title Belt and help guild me to victory. Again to say Sascha is a great instructor does not even begin to tell the whole story.

Shell  Mossey, Cape Coral, Florida, USA

I had the honor of training with Mr. Schreiner last year at Gulf Coast Kenpo Karate after he competed in the US Open in Orlando, FL. Mr. Schreiner’s extensive martial arts background enables him to bring a wealth of knowledge to the mat. He is motivated and dedicated in his pursuit of knowledge and in his ability to share the information with others. I thoroughly enjoyed being introduced to Hu Long Wu Shu by Mr. Schreiner. The take-down techniques he utilizes are quick and effective. The experience was enlightening and thought provoking. I look forward to training with him again.

– Shelly Mossey, 2nd degree brown

Marc Fornos, Barcelona, Spain

I met Sascha in a Seminar that we organize in Madrid at last 2010, I remember the first time that i saw him!! When you work with Sascha you can feel a different energy, differents feeling, that only a big master like him have. For me is an honour to be a friend of him, and learn about his knowledge, and talk about martials arts hours and hours with a cup of drink. In my way of martial arts i met some of masters and i learn about them, Master Sascha is one of them. thank you Master. i just only can say RESPECT. 

– Marc Fornos, Master Teacher KAPAP LOTAR, Sifu Kali Arnis Eskrima Silat

Ewald Der, Germany

1 time World Champion
10 times World Games Winner
8 times German Champion
9 times Bavarian Champion
5 times Vize German Champion
5 times Munic Open Winner

I like it very much to train with Sascha, as he is not only one year-long friend and a very pleasant person, but also an expert in his field. His exercises are very effective and his instructions are very clear and understandable. It's really fun to be coached by him, as he has in the breaks always saying you have the right to loosen the whole mood. I think it's cool that he is always up to date and the latest trends at once modest-looking and those are equal in fitness brings.

Roberto Delgado Fernandez, Madrid, Spain

Kapap / Krav Maga Instructor

The main reason why I have chosen to work and train with Sascha is his great skill and technical quality and a wide friendship between us for some years.The teacher Sascha is a person who is in a continuous evolution and personal growth in all areas.
It is an example and guide for many of us that we take comfort with his continued success in sports.

Christoph Hartinger, Germany

1 time Gold Compete Nationals
1 time Vize World Champion Self Defense
1 time Gold World Games Self Defense

"Every black belt puts a white man who has never stopped learning." True to this motto, I was accepted into the Dojo Tiger & Dragon. Regardless of age, experience, etc. Our sports Sensei, Sascha Schreiner, was and is to each person individually. He teaches us the art of devotion with Hu Long Wu Shu and Kickboxing. This and the incentive by teammates makes the training, tournaments and another again become a highlight of the week.

Kimmie King, Cape Coral, Florida, USA

Just training in one style I found it interesting to see what you had to offer. You were able to explain things very well, despite the language barrier, and what you were explaining was very interesting and practical. Your techniques work no matter what size you are or your opponent is, which is good for smaller people like me.

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